Kitties During Covid

In the spring of 2020 I found myself without a cat, a most unusual occurrence for me. So as Covid took over our lives I longed for the companionship of a furry friend. I searched the websites and finally on July 3, 2020 I acquired not one but two kittens. I named one Poppy and the other Dandy – short for Dandy-lion. They have been wonderful company over the past year and became the inspiration for the kitten in my new novella, Courting Cordelia which came out last month.

My Poppy is a ‘tuxedo cat’, because of her characteristic black and white markings. She’s also very talkative, as is the kitten in my novel. But it’s Dandy, my ginger tom cat, who gave me the idea for a wanderer who always goes where he shouldn’t. So Cordelia’s Poppy is a blend of my two. I hope you enjoy getting the cat’s point of view, especially in romantic situations. As is the case with most cat owners, I’m now completely ‘under the paw’ of my two kitties. Heaven forbid that I should ever run out of their favourite cat food!

My latest release, Courting Cordelia, can be found on AMAZON

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