Jane Austen Festival Port Alberni 2018

 A young lady, in Regency London, would see the end of the social Season fast approaching. Most families migrated to the seaside, at Brighton, or to their country estates by the end of June. If she had not received a proposal of marriage from a promising admirer there was still hope. Matchmaking mamas planned country house parties very intentionally for this purpose. ‘Grandon Hall’, my first novella, has a description of just such an event.

But we live in the twenty-first century, not the nineteenth. The Jane Austen Festival of Port Alberni is just swinging into action for the best season yet. A chamber opera company from Chicago is coming to perform a musical version of Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’ on Thursday, July 5th and Friday, July 6th. There might still be a few tickets left at Jane Austen Festival Port Alberni <info@centennialbelles.ca>

On Saturday, July 7th there will again be a challenge made to the Guinness Book of Records for the greatest number of people gathered in one place, at one time, dressed in Regency costumes. With the eighty member cast, fully costumed, from Chicago, added to our 302 members last year, there is a very good chance for victory this year.

 On Saturday the 7th, a Regency tea will be held and in the evening a Regency candle-lit masked ball. Rosemary Lach, a JASNA dance teacher, will be putting us through our paces. Only someone with truly two left feet will feel lost under her skilful guidance. The weekend ends with a Regency picnic and an outdoor dance on Sunday the 8th.

  I have taken my gown to the seamstress for some improvements and will be adding lace, ruffles and more flowers to my hat. I will have a table at the tea and would love to meet you. Do come. It will be such fun.  Here are some pictures from last year’s event.


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